Friday, June 25, 2010

We Are Ready!!

So this week at my doctors appointment they announced that my blood pressure was a little on the high side (139/76). With Beau I was induced at 38 weeks after having high blood pressure for about 2 weeks. I was hoping with Avery that I could experience going into labor on my own.... but it is now looking like her appearance will mirror Beau's.

Oh Well, really I am excited either way.

So after my appointment on Tuesday I was thinking- WOW I will be 36 weeks this Sunday and if she will be induced at 38 weeks that means I only have 2 more weeks to prepare!!

My office threw us a baby shower on Thursday (Target Gift Card- YAY) so today Ben and I went shopping on our lunch break!
  • Changing Pad
  • Changing Cover
  • Receiving Blankets
  • Front Zip Sleepers
  • Snap-Up Onesies
  • Bows (girls gotta have bows)
  • Brush
  • Trash Can
All Done- now there is just washing and ironing left for the weekend!!

When were we in the hospital with Beau poor Ben must have been embarrassed.... I looked like some kinda swamp creature!! I was so focused on learning to breastfeed I barely showered never less changed my clothes. My attire consisted of the webbed panties (they give them to you and they are see through) and whatever tank I had on hand... Doctor's would come in and Ben would look at me like... are you gonna put some clothes on.... I am sure my look back said.... seriously, I just had a baby- whats left to see really....

This time I am expecting the experience to be easier... (now at least I know what to expect...) so I am planning to make myself more presentable. So that means new clothes!! I have bought several new comfortable items to make myslef feel better in the hospital.

The Essentials:
Bravado nursing tank
AT Loft Terry Shorts
AT Loft Pull Over Lounge Sweater
Bravado Sleep Bra

I also have some of my oldie favorites:
Victoria's Secret Sweats
White Waffle Robe
Soft Long Sleeve Shirts (neck cut out)


A new outfit to wear home, a sweat skirt, tank, and a light zip front hoodie.

I don't know what it is about new clothes but it always makes me feel good.

So hopefully when you come to visit I would look like the creature from the black lagune but a version of my normal self....

Monday, June 14, 2010

Avery's Room

We are counting down!!
On Sunday I was 34 weeks and we pulled a lot of loose ends together in Avery's room! Mom brought over some furniture she has been re-doing for me, and I worked on the slipcover while Ben and my Dad put the vinyl monogram on the wall. It is really looking like nursery now!
I am almost finished with the slipcover and I am so proud of it!! Last night I finished some adjustments to the body of the cover and I almost finished the cushion. I still have to hem the bottom and have to attach the decorative ties across the wood areas (they will help to hide the orange you can still see). So I guess I still kinda have a lot to do... but at least it looks like a slipcover now...

Below was my inspiration picture for my slip cover. When I began I got a quote to recreated this slip cover for my very curvy chair- $400 (including fabric)! My fabric was $90- so I saved a bunch sewing it myself but it has been A LOT of work! It will be a while before I take on such a large project again.

This fabric looks like a linen or a light duct, where my fabric is a heavier woven fabric (that ravels a lot), I think that has made my project more difficult than a typical simple white slip cover.

Avery Kathleen Rush- makes a pretty monogram....

The bedding still needs to be washed and ironed... but we still have 5 or 6 weeks.
This is going to be her changer, beneath is her closet, and the small chest to the right will hold all her folded clothes as well as sheeting and blankets.
My mom painted this chest for me... isn't it beautiful!! This took several coats of paint and sandings!! Every little girl needs a picture of her daddy with his big kill- Ben's prize turkey from a few years ago (yes, that huge one in the house...) I got that Bible verse creation from: They really have some beautiful things if you have never visited the site you should check it out.

Mom also gave this table to us for Avery's room as well as painted it. It is made by Lane and is solid wood... she didn't sell it in her shop and I am so happy to have it! It is probably the prettiest side table in my house! Having a mom that is also an antique dealer definantly has it perks!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


This is the before picture of the wonderful chair we have for Avery's room, it was Ben's Great Aunts chair, it rocks and swivels and is super comfortable. I know she would be so excited to know that her little niece was going to be rocked and comforted in her chair!!
This is what it looks like now!! It is still a work in progress, but I have completed the main body of the slip cover. This photo is of the cover inside out, you piece a slipcover together inside out, sew, and then turn right side out. I still have to cover the cushion and make ties to close the areas over the wood, but I am super happy with how it is turning out. Believe it or not, it hasn't been as difficult as I thought it would be and this is a curvy chair.

Waiting on Me-Maw

We are all looking forward to Ben's parents visiting for the summer. His dad has been retired for a few months and his mom retired last week!! They are coming to visit the beginning of July for Beau's birthday and will be in Florida waiting on Avery for the remainder of July and will stay through August to enjoy their grand kids.

This past weekend Ben and I cleaned out Me-Maws and Poppies guest room. In the past when they come to visit they had to maneuver all the hunting gear and extra junk we had accumulated. This weekend I bought Ben 3 very large clear storage bins and we cleaned out the whole room! It was such a job!! By the end of the day Ben was aggravated (I made him re-arrange some pictures) and I could barely walk, but that is one more job off the list!
Align CenterI bought some new summer bedding as well a candle for the room to help freshen and brighten the room. (It has smelled like Ben's charcoal sent killer) Beau is so fascinated with the room that I can't keep him off the bed- (and I ironed those sheets!!). He just wants to go into the room and look for Me-Maw and Poppie and jump on their bed.

I couldn't resist capturing the moment, Beau is getting so big!! Last night he was standing at the back door looking out and I asked Ben, is he standing on something... (his head almost reached the door handles) - NOPE. I was in shock I don't know where the time have gone. In a few more weeks my baby boy will be 2!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Full Weekend

Although the weekend was full it wasn't really all that busy. I tried a few new recipes, completed and started some new projects.

Above is one of my new recipes- Homemade Doughnuts- YUM one of my favorite things on earth. You will find the recipe here:

It was kinda a lot of work (you make the dough the night before, then wake up an hour early to roll it out and cut out the doughnuts and allow them to rise before frying) but it was worth it. They were so yummy and the recipe makes a little over 2 dozen so you will be sharing and eating them for a few days.

I also made this for a get together with friends and I would highly recommend it!!

I also completed my nursing cover. I am super excited about it! I didn't have one with Beau- I just used a blanket, which proved to be difficult, but I never forked out the $40 for one of these. Now that I have improved my skills I was able to make my own.... and reversible no less!!

I also started the very large project I have looming.... sewing a slipcover for my beloved chair.

It is actually coming along.... it won't be perfect but it will do the job and the fabric is super comfortable and was on sale!! I will have to take some work in progress pictures.

Ben and I have known this moment was coming. Beau has been able to climb in and out of his crib for some time now, but has elected to stay in the crib while sleeping/napping. Well, Saturday after lunch I put him down in his crib and went to sleep the floors. I was in the dining room when I see something out of the corner of my eye...

It is Beau with is passy (which he only gets when he is in bed) walking casually through the living room. We walks to the back door and looks out at his daddy... I follow him and look at Ben through the door.

So we all went into Beau's room and Ben and I sat there looking at his crib.... thinking what do we do?? We can't let him crawl over he could fall and hurt himself... We decided it was time- we were going to try and wait untill after Avery was sleeping through the night to begin this journey- but we removed the front of Beau's crib.

Whew what a journey...

The first evening I put Beau to sleep- he got up once, coming into the living room and (after several warnings) got a spanking. :( Then I took him back to bed and he slept all night.

Monday after lunch I put him to bed and I am in Avery's room working on the slipcover and I hear thud-dunk.... I pause and rush into Beau's room. There he is spralled on the floor in a sleepy daze. I quickly returned him to bed and he never even woke during the event.

Last night Ben went in to check on him before going to bed and found him spralled on the floor sound asleep. (I had had enough of this falling out of the bed and placed a king sized pillow in his way.) During the middle of the night I woke to "MMUUHHHA" (mommy with a passy in his mouth ) Beau is standing at my side of the bed sleepy duck and passy in tow. So I throw him into our bed and he is out. An hour or so later, Ben returns him to bed only for Beau to be back at my side King sized pillow in hand. (it was funny to see a child that small drag such a LARGE pillow) Needless to say I am tired today from being up in the middle of the night. However I am trying to think of it as training.

There are some upsides to all this trama... Sunday morning we hear Beau rolling around in his bed but instead of, "Babe, you go get em', no you go get em' " and so forth we hear the patter of little feet coming across the house and wake to a sweet smile and all of Beau's movable bedding (sleepy duck, blanky, and quilt). What a way to start the day!

Ben and I are hoping that this transition will only take a week or so and then transition him quickly to a twin bed. (which will provide for additional sleeping arrangements when family comes) Oh, and Ben is going to Wal-Mart this evening to buy a small protective bed rail to keep Beau from falling out in his sleep.

Our Little Boy Is Growing Up!!