Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Brooke's Nursery

We finally received the final piece to Brook's crib yesterday!! Last night we finished assembling the crib and put the bedding in the crib to get the final look- (for the bed anyway).

Beau was such a big help, after dinner Ben went to look at the directions and I told Beau, "go help daddy, he is going to need someone really smart to figure out how to get Brooke's crib together". He smiled and ran to Daddy. I didn't realize how seriously he was going to take my comment.

" I Help, I Help, I Help...."
So Ben let him hold pieces to the crib, as well as screws and the screw driver.... he loved the screw driver.

All that work really wore him out so he had to take a quick power nap.
Back to Work

Play Time

Beau was so fascinated with the new bed... he thought it was for him... " I sleep, I sleep, I sleep"

Sorry for the shadows... I take up a little more room these days. :)

This will be her changer. I am going to put a changing pad on top of the desk area and I am will be sewing a curtain for underneath. I am planning to find a small curtain rod to install underneath the desk to hang her clothes up.

We also have an amore that is going in the room, it will be painted the sage green you see in the bedding and on the lamp shade and a great table my mom had in her shop and has painted black for the room.

The rooms is really coming together and I am so pleased with how it is turning out!! I still have alot of small decorative things I want to make and find. Right now the walls are bare and I don't really have anything in mind yet.... so if you see something great email me!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

I Ride... I Ride.... I Ride....???

We planted our front yard this past weekend and all weekend it was," Daddy, I Ride...? I Ride?" This boy was so interested in the tractor I think he even dreamed about riding the tractor!
So Sunday afternoon, Beau went for a ride. Daddy made the wait worth while, he took Beau all the way down the street and off into the property across the street.

Very serious...
"this is not fun and games mommy, this is real work and you have to concentrate!!"

Beau and Poppie were matching so I had to take advantage of the moment.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Easter Eggs

Beau really enjoyed dying Easter Eggs this year. We attended the sunrise service (7:30am) on Easter Sunday so after the service we decided to dye Easter Eggs for Beau to hunt later in the afternoon. Ben and Beau dyed the eggs while I captured the moments and I am so glad I did!!! The two pictures above are priceless! I love that beautiful face... these pictures really capture Beau's personality, you can see that he really wants to grab those eggs. That smile and twinkle in his eyes melt my heart every time!!

Ben did such a wonderful job coloring eggs... I think he has been nominated as the official egg dyer.

Beau also loved his Easter basket... the Easter Bunny brought him a bubble gun, extra bubbles, an Elmo coloring book, some new shirts, and eggs filled with candy!! Beau's favorite was opening the eggs. He would grab them and say..."Ball" and then pop them open.

Ohhh... got one open!!

The dark blob in the middle of the road is a turkey strutting. That Saturday before Easter this gobbler put on a show for the family. He was accompanied by several hens that were still in the tall grass.

We have a lot of wildlife around our home. Since most of our neighborhood is still vacant and wooded, we have covey's of quail, deer, and groups of turkeys. In the late afternoons or early mornings you can relax on the back porch and whistle at the quail. Although Havana is about 20 minutes from Tallahassee, it is worth the drive everyday to enjoy these surroundings. Isn't God's creation amazing!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Springtime Tallahassee

Last weekend we headed downtown to the Springtime Tallahassee parade. After living in Tallahassee for 21 years I have finally attended this Tallahassee tradition. We all enjoyed the parade and Beau was especially interested in all the loud floats, the firetrucks, motorcycles, and loud music. We were able to catch him some beads and a ball.

Beau spent a few hours on his daddy's shoulders which was defiantly one of the best seats in the house.

I thought I would post these precious pictures from Easter last year. I love Easter! It is one of my favorite holidays- everything is so beautiful and I am always reminded of my greatest blessings; my salvation, my baby boy, wonderful husband and family.

Boy has he grown.....