Friday, May 27, 2011

Beau loves his mask!

 Isn't this picture so funny- it looks like he is miserable.... but really Beau loves his mask.  He just can't smile with it squished to his face.  :)
 He loves to wear his mask around the house, in the tub, and swimming. "Mommy I a scuba diver!"  "Dadddy?? you a scuba diver??"  It is so cute.
 We are trying to teach him how to use the snorkel- but that is still a work in progress.  Beau even took some of his swimming lessons in his mask this week.
 Of course Beau wanted Avery to enjoy the mask too- and she seemed to like it- a pool maybe in our future!
Have a wonderful Memorial Day- we will be finishing some chores in the yard, heading to the beach on Sunday in honor of my birthday on Tuesday, and enjoying some pool time on Monday.  I am really looking forward to a productive and relaxing weekend!

Next week I  begin training for my half-marathon scheduled for October!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Beau's swimming lessons!

Last year beau took his very first swimming lessons with ISR instructor, Julia Duam.  He did a great job last year and has started his refresher lessons.  This is day 5 of his refreshers lessons and apparently it is like riding a bike for him; he is doing great!  Check out our little fish, he has even swam with his mask (thanks Aunt Eilene) and Ms. Julia's flippers!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Easter Clothes

 When I was growing up my mom always made our Easter dresses. Krysti and I always had matching dresses made out of coordinating fabric, mine was usually pink and hers was blue or yellow.  So naturally since I have a little girl- I made her an Easter dress, and I couldn't leave my baby boy out, so I made him some shorts, and while I was at it I made me a dress too!  Even Ben conformed and wore pink for Easter.  Aren't we cute!!

This is Krysti, my sister, and Avery.  Aren't those some great smiles!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Naval Airstation

 Ben's Grandfather as well as uncles are buried in the cemetery at the Air station.  It was by far the most beautiful cemetery I have ever been in. What was most striking to me is as you walk along looking at the graves you can help but notice that some of the stones have writing on both sides.  After further inspection I noticed that most of the time it was the wives of the soldiers; it would say His Wife.... so and so and then the date and whatever commemorating thought the family inscribed.  It spoke volumes to me that the wife was inscribed on the back, symbolizing the backbone of the families while some of these men were away at war.  The strength that these women must have had to endure life with there husbands in other parts of the world.  I thought it very fitting. They didn't hold any fancy titles like many of the husbands- just "His Wife".  I really loved it and I think one day whenever I am buried next to Ben I think I will just have them put His Wife Karah.
 At the museum there were a lot of co-pits for the kids (and Ben) to sit in and they all loved it!
 Beau loved this helicopter!!

See Beau pointing... he did this with everything. He was so excited and made sure to tell me to stand back everything was dangerous. 
 Beau didn't want to stop for the photo op.

After this Beau wanted Avery to sit with him every time. (He made sure to tell here not to touch the switches- they were dangerous)

 This was a big plane- Ben said this was the kind he wanted to fly, saying "see I fit- they told me I was too tall."  noticed he sat in the front moving his son to the back- Beau enjoyed it just as much.
 Avery got plenty of flight time herself.

Sneak peek-
Sunday we took some pictures in Granny's yard and I think they are great!

 Avery wasn't thrilled about the tractor photo shoot- I think she might have been hungry.
Don't worry more to come!