Wednesday, January 21, 2009



So Tuesday night Beau and I were just getting home and getting setteled in for the night. I was starting dinner and I put Beau in his horse to jump. He started jumping away; he is really loving his horse. He jumps so hard he "bottoms out" as Ben would say. So jump, jump, jump and next thing I know he is passed out!!! SO I run and get the camera. So funny, who just falls asleep while jumping!! He must have rocked himself to sleep. He loves motion.

I musted have passed on my sleeping gene. I can apparently sleep anywhere and did when I was a baby. I guess Beau can too. HA HA!!
Random bath pictures. Cute hair huh...

To me this looks so much like an expression that Ben makes. Few and far between..

Beau loves his baths!!


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

So Baby Beau is.....

Is looking more and more like his Daddy to me. Check out the face shape....
And he is sitting up

Taking a bath like a big boy

Trying to crawl, with help from Ace.

It is amazing how quickly Beau is growing!! In addition to these new moves he is making alot of new sounds as well. Ben is often sticking his tounge out at Beau and then makes a blowing sound. Beau has caught on, but seems to love to do it when he has a big bite of food in his mouth!! So of course he has started making his first messes!! It is so funny Ben and I both laugh but I am quick to remind Ben that he is the one that taught Beau how to spit his food everywhere!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Random Holiday Pictures

IT's about time....

Here are the pictures I promised!! There are various pictures from the holidays and recent milestones.

Praticing with a spoon after dinner.

HUMMM... a camera

Can I eat it....???

What is this???

UMMM Cake Batter!!!

MOM, don't tell Julie!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

So much to share

There has been so much occur since I last posted. I have been holding off because I haven't downloaded my Pict's from my camera, but I have decided to go ahead and update and I will post new Pict's later.

Our Christmas was great, Beau had fun he got 2 walkers and a horse jumper, which I love. Ben got a lot of stuff too, to prepair for his turkey hunt in Montana in May.

Beau is 6 months old now, I know, time flys! He is sitting up on his own and starting to get up on all fours!! It won't be long now. He went to the Dr today and is still little; 14lbs 9oz and 25 3/4 inches long, 10-25 percentile. The child is always moving so that explains it.

We are still thinking he might be left handed, he uses it a lot. My dad (a lefty) is so proud!!

Since my last post I have read the first three books to the Twilight series and I am immersed!! Ben says if I read anymore he is afraid my eyesight is going to "go out on me" (my eloquent husband). I am also teaching my self to knit. I decided even though I am a "working mom" I can still try to be crafty, we will see how that turns out!!! Stop Snickering, I know you are!!

Life is busy and I feel like I am not soaking up each moment; I need to take more pictures!! I could have never imagined that Beau's first 6 months would pass this quickly.

We continue to be so thankful for all God has blessed us with!! Some times I am in awe of his faithfulness. I am convinced life cannot get any better.... but I am always pleasantly surprised.

I will be sure to post pictures of Beau sitting soon. I am hopeing to do some 6 month pictures this weekend.