Wednesday, June 29, 2011

We are in Colorado

 Right now Ben and I are sitting listening to the rain fall in the nicest hotel we have ever been in, Devil's Thumb Ranch in Tabernash, Colorado.  We just each just ate a wonderful New York Strip and are stuffed so we thought we would share our day!

Today we started in Estes Park, Co and took a 4 hour horseback ride.  It was long even for me, but we saw some amazing sites!

 We stopeed half way at the top of Beaver Mountian to take a few pictures and streach our legs. ( which will be sore in the morning)

 This was the view from th etop of the mountian.  We are out of focus but the picture is still neat!

These were all the horses at the ranch.  We didn't actually get a picture of us on the horses, the terrian was actually rough up and down the mountian and I didn't want Ben distracted with the camera.

We spided a chipmonk after or ride.  These litte things are so cute and we saw several today, they are prevelant here.

Then we headed into Rocky Mountian National Park, where we found some snow!  I threw this snowball at Ben after the picture, it was pretty funny.

The views in the park were amazing.

 We also saw this marmot climbing the rock ledge and evidently we were as intresting as he was.

Check out how little the roads look in the side of the mountians- these mountians are so big!

 This was taken in the alpine area where the glaicers start, beyond the tree line.  The park ranger there told us some of the flowers in bloom bloom only once every 30 years.  They were pretty but very small and not worth a 30 year wait in my opinion, but we still didn't step on them.

 I have to tell you right before this picture was taken we were walking out onto the snow and Ben had the camera and bag in hand and slipped down on the snow- it was the funniest thing I have every seen. Ben looked like he was running backward on a treadmill!!!  HA HA HA!! After I grabbed the camera I laughed so hard!!  Ben and the camera were fine.

We saw this big ol' Elk on the tundra, by far th ebiggest we saw today.
Overall the Rocky Mountain National Park was amazing and I would definantly recommed it as well as this ranch!! 

Tomorrow we plan to be up with the sun, which rises at like 5am here, as we are going to visit the baby cow here are one ranch as well as walk off some of dinner, visit the ranch coffee shop and head on to Aspen, Co for some after hiking!!