Monday, August 20, 2012

First Day of Pre-K

 This baby boy is growing up! Today was his first day of Pre-K he has the same teacher and is in the same school but I still felt a little ping as he hopped off to school this morning. He is so happy and excited to start "big boy school".  I can't imagine how I will feel next year when I drop he and Avery off at a real school....

Saturday morning beau cooked us sausage.... YUM.  He really did pattie it and flip it on his own.

 Avery spent some time playing in her favorite new mask! Thanks Aunt Eilene!!

 This was our weekend project- Ben built a paneled wall to go above the mantel to hang the TV on.  I also painted the mantel and tile surround white.  It is looking great- now I just need to stain the paneling and put a final coat on the mantel and the living room redo is almost complete.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


 I would say overall we LOVE our new house.  I love being 10 minutes to the kids school and then another 3 to my office in the morning.  I LOVE the back porch- it is large and screened and the ideal place to read a book, visit with family over a glass of tea or listen to the rain fall on the tin roof.

One of my favorite rooms in out house is Avery's room (maybe because it is the only completely decorated room in the house). I love the color we picked and the bedding I drooled over for weeks and finally bought.  A friend of mine painted the beds (that I bought at an estate sale for less than the bedding ) and created that lamp right there..... see it....
 This was a plain drum shade and I monogrammed it (with felt) and added the trim!  How cute is that!! Thanks pintrest!  I will be painting her bed side table a purple color that is also in her bedding.  It is going to be super cute.

 I am also very happy with house my furniture painting is coming along- I am changing everything from black to white. To brighten everything- I am hoping for a crisp clean feel for this home.... we will see.

I love this little nook below, it is at the top of our stairs and is a wonderful view to come home to. My dad bought this table on craigslist and my mom painted it this beautiful color which just happened to work perfectly with an antique oil painting I had! I think it is a slam dunk! I secretly wish the rest of the house was coming together like this!

 I am still not satisfied with my living room....all I like in there is our leather couch that and our grass rug.  I let our old TV stand come in the house (I swore it wasn't even coming in and Ben promised it was only temporary...) there is nothing else... no art, so color, no style..... I am bummed!  I do have a chair we inherited from Ben parents that is supposed to be in there.  It has been in the process of being recovered for 7 weeks- it was promised 6 weeks ago.  It is going to be my color for the room so without it I haven't been able to decorate at all!  And it is driving me NUTS!!!!  I can't stand anything halfway done- and the room we spend the most time in is defiantly half way done and I am about to loose it..... but then I breath deeply and remind myself I am being silly.

Here is the cutest girl ever!!  In here daddy's knee highs socks.
 This is kinda blurry but you can see how funny the socks were.  She is a funny one and loves putting on everyone's socks.