Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spring has Sprung

Granny, I wanted to take a few pictures to show you how well our yard is doing!
We have come leaps and bounds in the few years since we completed the house.

This is the retaining wall Poppie and Ben built by the garage. (with Mee-Maw and my help)

The flowers you gave us have really taken off this year!

Please excuse the dead twig in the center. It was killed by the frost and I haven't had time to replace it.

My planter on the front porch, living so far...

Beau and Ace enjoying the outdoors while mommy dead heads the roses.

The yard, look that beautiful grass by the house! Can you believe someone recruited their grandmother to lay that sod! Boy what a job that was but what a nice finished product!

Now if we can only plant the rest of the front yard...

See the size of those purple plants they are overtaking my liriopie!

See how big they are compared to the knockouts!! My knockouts have been beautiful this year. We had superior pruning last year!

Beau and daddy walking.

Notice Bodreaux stays close by just in case. He is always right by Beau and always very calm and careful. It is like he knows he is a little baby! SO SWEET!

Beau smiling at Ace. He loves Ace, he can say Ma and Da Da, I think his next word will be Ace. He can say Ah; I think that will turn into Ace shortly.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

First Beach Trip

This past Saturday we loaded up and went to the beach with the Hill family. Beau enjoyed his day, it was windy and very bright. To bad he decided he wasn't wearing his sun hat...

He really enjoyed playing with the toys in the sand. Beau made sure he got the full beach experience, playing is sand, getting sand in your swim shorts, "face planting" in the sand, and of course eating his share of sand.

He also enjoyed the water

And splashing

Daddy loved the beach too!!

I don't know that this picture fully captures the sarcastic look Ben wore on his face all day.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Turkey Huntin'

Ben has been hunting this turkey all season. He finally got a shot at him.

(I think the turkey knew is was a Tuesday and though it safe to to walking around by himself)

You know daddy had to have his boy in the picture with this big bird!

UGH, daddy are we done with the pictures yet???

Big Bird, (is that a tumor... I don't know Ben said it is just because he was puffed up when he shot him???)

Big Spirs

Monday, April 20, 2009

A Day In The Sun

Beau and I played hookie on Sunday and spent the day in the sun. Beau enjoying playing with toys while I read.

This is so cute, notice who is on the other side of the door. Beau's buddy Ace, we had to let him out to enjoy the sun with us.

Funny Crawling

I wanted to share how nice our porch and yard looks. Ben worked really hard last year planting grass in our back yard. The year before Me-Maw and Poppie were hard at work building this deck. The hard work has paid off; we have a wonderful entertaining space.

We have also almost competed our fire pit. Notice my new deck chairs, happy birthday/mothers day to me!!

I also wanted to share how nice my planters look. Me-Maw bought these for me last year and I was unable to keep anything alive in them. This year I am determined to have beautiful planters!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


So last night I had some extra time and decided to cook a big dinner. I laid out pork chops, found some okra in the freezer, and got some potatoes boiling for mashed potatoes.

So we had fried pork chops, fried okra, mash potatoes, biscuits, and MY FIRST HOMEMADE GRAVY!!!

Thanks Thelma for teaching me!! It was great.

So with all this food what did Beau eat....

Pork Chops, mashed potatoes, gravy, fried okra, and biscuits!

Also I have began my new found hobby, sewing. I am determined to be able to sew on my own (without my mom hovering, granted the speed dial is near by) I think it is important to master the skills of our grandmothers so they are not lost.

I will keep you updated. Last night I washed, dried, and ironed my fabric. Cut out and arrranged the pattern and cut some of the first pecies. We will see, I will post pictures of my finished project.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Morning


Sweet Smile

Look at my jammies!

Look at that hair!

The Easter Bunny came
I got jammies, Reese's eggs, trucks, and Peeps!!

YUM Candy


These Peeps are good!!

A Few Easter Pictures

Here are a few pictures from the Easter Egg hunt at my parents house. Beau loved the Egg's and I found $9 in my eggs! (Yes, we still hunt eggs on Easter, my mom loves it!)

We had a great Easter but missed Me-Maw and Poppie!! See you soon!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

YEA He's Growing

Today was Beau's 9 months well baby appointment.

He weights 16.8lbs and is 27 3/4 inches long!! He is still in the 5 percentile in weight but he has jumped up to the 10-25 percentile in height!!

My little light weight!! He can still wear his 3 month onesies. His Easter clothes are 3-6 month size and they fit perfect.

At least we are saving on clothes.

To be as small as he is he eats like a horse. Last night it was pork and rice the night before it was baked turkey breast. He has eaten everything from spaghetti, to Mexican, to red beans and rice!!

Guess what his favorite food it....


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Weekend with Granny

We spent this past weekend with Ben's grandmother. A weekend at Granny's is always filled with good food and relaxation. Beau really enjoyed visiting with his Great Granny, Great Aunt Bill, and Great Aunt Gladys.

Great Granny and Beau

Great Aunt Gladys and Great Aunt Bill

I had to share these next pictures. Beau has playing with the top to his bottle and dropped it.
Check out these faces!


Drop's the top and pitches a fit!!
Check out that lip, as soon as he watched it fall that lip curled out like I have never seen before. (He just woke up from his nap)

Bottle top recovered!!!

Beau's New Shoes

I got Beau a pair of Robeez for Easter. He typically has kicked off all his shoes and socks. It appears though that he will keep this pair.

"Mommy, I will be a good boy and keep these shoes on my feet"

Beau Working Out

Ben and I have been working out at home, P90X, we are really enjoying it and Beau loves crawling all over us while we are doing abs. He is really enjoying playing with the resistance bands, chewing on our yoga mats, and rolling dumbbells.

Bath Time