Thursday, March 15, 2012

Boy have we been busy!!

 We went to Sea World and had a wonderful time!!  You can see how excited Beau was... he loved all the dolphins and whales!! His favorite was of course Shamu (even though they don't get in the water with the killer whales anymore) my favorite was the Beluga Whales- they were so cute and seems sweet.  There was even a family (that paid extra) and got to get in the tank with wet suits to pet and feed the whales.  You could see the Beluga whales at the surface and underwater through the tank.  I really like to see them swimming through the water. 

Unfortunately our camera is in disrepair and my mother-in-law took all the pictures so I don't have them yet.

 Avery at the start of our second day of Sea World
 End of the day
 Beginning of the second day
 End of the second day- with his very own Shamu!

After Sea World the kids went with Ben's parents on a trip!!  They were very excited- trips to Granny's and Louisiana are always full of surprises! Meanwhile we are moving.... the house is starting echo.... and there are dust bunnies everywhere.

 The first BIG SURPRISE is a BOAT RIDE!!  Beau loved his boat ride and I have heard that Uncle Gene is now a "superman"  in Beau's eyes.  Beau got to drive the boat, steer and even honk the horn.

 Avery enjoying the ride

 After the boat ride the kids enjoyed some time in the garden and these two love to get dirty!!

 Planting with Granny

The kids will be gone for almost 10days.... gasp.... I know that is a long time but we have to move, then clean, and do some painting to our house. Although it is VERY quite (I turned on the Sprout cartoon network to make things feel more normal) it has been a blessing to get all this work done without having to worry about where the kids are during all the moving and loading.

**My wonderful mother-in-law also did all my ironing while she was here..... thanks goodness!!

 My parents will be helping us move, fix, and paint.... what we would do without our parents I have no idea!!