Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Wow it amazing how quickly Beau catches on to new things!! Since my last post he has started crawling, feeding himself, pulling up, and any day now his first tooth is going to pop though. Along with all of his has come a few tears and even more falls.

He maneuvered quickly from throwing his booty around to following me from room to room. He has bumped his head a few times but for the most part it doesn't phase him. Last Saturday he crawled to his toy basket and started pulling everything out. And so the traveling mess begins.

I have been reading that 7 and 8 month old babies begin feeding themselves. Beau was not making any attempt; we always gave him the option but he was not interested. Last week Ben and I were eating smoked pork chops and I cut a big piece for him to gum and what do you know HE BITES PART OF IT OFF AND SWALLOWS IT!! Boy was that scary. Ben was very amuised and excited that his son seems to love meats!! YEA, a mans man, what else could I really expect right??? After that I cut very small pieces and what do you know he picked them up and it in his mouth they went. He has been feeding himself ever since.

I also noticed last night a hint of white on his lower gum. I am suspecting that is his first tooth. I was wondering when it was going to make it's appearance??? It seems like he has been drooling forever and most babies his age have at least one tooth at 7 month old.

Ben and I are thoroughly enjoying these milestones. Although I am missing my infant; I am really enjoying this little boy. I feel like I am going to wake up tomorrow and he will be three. I haven't been taking pictures... I know... but Ben and I are figuring out our new camcorder; it's this HD camera that Ben had to have. I will be sure to post pictures soon!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Beau's method of traveling

This is how our little dude is moving around these days!! It is amazing how he is developing. I never cease to be amazed!! My laundry is lovely isn't it!! At least it is clean.

It looks like he is just going to stand up and walk dosn't it!!