Tuesday, March 17, 2009

So I didn't think it would happen this early...

Last night Ben discovered a puppy lurking around our house. By the looks of the poor thing it was defiantly a stray. Of course I felt bad for it and wanted to put it up for the night and then take her to the shelter.

So I decided the pup needed some food and water; it was so scared it had to be starving. I trapped the puppy in the garage and Beau and I go in and scoop some of Ace's dog food. I go back into the garage and pause for a moment to find where the pup is hiding. I find her and go and set the scoop of food on the floor. I walk back to the door, Beau still in tow.

I look at Beau and he smile so big and what do I see...

A PIECE OF DOG FOOD!!! When did that happen!!!

I guess at some point between me scooping the dog food and putting it on the garage floor Beau grabbed a piece and decided to eat it!!! So of course I almost gag my child and get the dog food out of his mouth!! GROSS!!!

I knew this was going to happen one day. It was inevieatable. But at 8 months old. I thought it wouldn't be at least untill 2!! WOW What a night.

Ben took the pup this morning to the shelter and sure enough the pup probably has everythign under the sun. Luckly our dogs have been warned and neither of us ever touched her, she was too scared. But I do have to bleach everything the dog touched, the garage, the kennel, Ben's truck bed, ect...

Boy Ben was right when he said I should have just left the dog alone. I just don't have the heart to leave a pup in the rain. So said, lonely, and hungry. Maybe she will be ok and someone will adopt her.

Monday, March 16, 2009

New Pictures

Beau's First Bruise

Poor thing, he bumped his head on the baseboards in our bedroom. I felt the moment picture worthy, the first bruise of many I am sure!!

Beau's first Tooth

He doesn't like to show his teeth, you can tell by his expression he is like, comon' ma get your fingers out!! HOW ABOUT THOSE EYES!! PRECIOUS!

8 Months Old

Wow where has the time gone... this boy is looking more and more like his daddy and PopPop. I am always getting "WOW he must look like his daddy!!" I have to admit, I can only claim the lashes.

He is also pulling up. On this occasion, he pulled up on me and took his first step over to play with the toys on his excersaucer!! Luckily Ben and I were both there at watching. Just last nigt he pulled up on one of the drawers in the kitchen and shuffeled down the cabinets. It was amazing, Ben and I were cooking dinner. One minuite he is trying to pull out all of the cookbooks and the next he is standing up holding on to the cabinets! This child will walking around in no time. He can already crawl at super speeds!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Good Influence

Uncle Guy has been teaching Beau so many things like crawling and


And how to hold a rifle properly.

Aren't these pictures cute!! My dad has a this grill lighter that looks like a rifle. On Sunday, Guy handed it to Beau and I just knew it was going to go straight in his mouth, but no he held it just like a little gun. Pop Pop will be so proud! He will be quail hunting before we know it!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

8 Months!!

Time has passed so quickly. I can't believe my little baby isn't so little anymore. Not only is his second tooth pushing through but he is pulling up on things he can reach (he is still pretty small, 15.5 lbs). Last night he climbed up on me and the stepped over to his excersaucer to play with the toys. I guess that was officially his first step. I wasn't holding onto him because I am letting him learn to pull up on his own. Crazyness!! I imagine it won't be long until he starts walking.

Last night Beau ate his first strawberry, it was messy but he loved it!! I don't know if strawberries are ok for 8 month olds to eat... but oh well I guess. He ate another this morning. It is so cute, he can grab it with those bottom 2 teeth and then he sucks all the juice out of it. Then he will flash a big red smile. I will post picts.

Monday, March 2, 2009


My legs are sore!! This past week Ben and I began a new workout, P90X. It's a get "ripped" in 90 days video workout program. I am not sure about the get "ripped' in 90 days scheme, but it is a great workout. I haven't worked out like this since I was in high school.

A friend of ours Jason let us borrow the DVD's and we are hooked. When he sent the DVD's over he included a note for me:
If you do this workout make sure you have NO plans for the next day and I relinquish all liabilities.

HA HA Jason Huff, it's not that hard; but it will kick your butt!! The workouts are an hour long and about 45 min into it you want to throw up. But afterward you feel like you have really accomplished something! After just three workouts I feel better and I have noticed a little definition coming back to my legs. I a, burning an average of 600 calories a work out and that is better than the 300 I was burning running a mile.

I have lost 10 lbs of Pre-Beau weight and would like to get back to my Pre-Ben weight. We will see, I will keep you updated on my progress.

Beau has been watching Ben and I workout in his highchair. It is so cute, I will look back and he will be smiling and clapping. It's like we have our own little cheerleader! He is just learning to clap and it is the cutest thing ever!! I will post picts of the clapping!!