Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Into Everything

Beau loves to play in the pantry! We have become Sam's shoppers and now have a lot of bulk items on the floor of the pantry. One evening Ben and I were cooking, Ben looked over and discovered our dude has morphed into a little monkey.

A few days later this is how we found him, yes those are the Chinet plates and yes they were still stacked onto of the box of silverware. he actually did this a few times before I was able to get this picture.
**The plates are no longer stacked on the silverware

He also has a fascination with the cabinet underneath the sink. He is not nearly as intrested in the other cabinets. I said I was not going to be one of those that got the kid proof latches on my cabinets. It looks like I may have to retract that statement and put a latch on thid cabinet. There is only one probelm..... Ben won't be able to get underneath the sink!! HA HA

We had a wonderful Mother's Day dinner at our house! The family was there and as usual Beau was capitivated by Uncle Guy. Guy decided to share his hat with Beau. Although Beau look adorable in the hat and is so cute in camo, he was not intrested in having it on his head.

Friday, May 15, 2009


So I noticed that I haven't updated this in a while, so I will bring you up to speed on the latest in out lives.

Last night was the reveal for the parade of homes. My parents had one entry this year and it is amazing! They won the silver medal for their price range and then second in the creative concrete contest. The Terrace house by far their most creative home ever! Everyone is talking about it and if you haven't seen it yet you need to stop by the Saturday 10-6 or Sunday 12-6!!

Also I have started running. Who knew running long distances (well long for me..) would be so invigorating. I am really starting to push myself now. So far I have ran two 5K races (not very fast I might add) and have been running during the week to keep up my endurance.

This past weekend I ran a 5K at Maclay Gardens. I was able to run almost the whole way! On Tuesday I ran 2.2 miles to a friends house in Havana and then another .5 mile on the way home. Yesterday between work and girls night I ran about 1.5 miles (untill it started raining on me).

I have lost 15lbs pre Beau weight and I am working on a second 15! Ben is very encouraging and of course loves to see that I am finally loosing weight! HA HA :)

Beau has started taking a few steps. I wouldn't call it walking just yet. He will take about 4 at a time and it greatly depends on his mood. The other night he took 4 steps to retrieve an onion from me (he loves playing in the onion bin).

He is also starting to say Ma and Da discriminantly. It is so sweet but I have started to notice when he feels the need to say Ma, it is in this complaining voice like-MA I need more snacks or MA I need water or MA BOTTLE!!!

When he says Da however it is Da Da Da, with a sweet smile and longing eyes!! That boy loves his daddy!! It is so sweet, but I can hear it now.... MA I am going with Da hunting, Ma- I am going with Da to the woods, Ma we are going fishing, MA MA MA MA we are..... or we need FOOD!!

SO with that in mind... second baby.... Ben is not yet convienced. I on the other hand say yes!! God only know when though!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth.....

Well it is not exactly Christmas but Beau is getting his two front teeth!! I have to admit I was dreading Beau getting teeth because I knew he would no longer look like a little baby but a little boy and my fears have been confirmed. However he is so cute with teeth I am loving his all the more. It seems like everyday my love grows for my little dude! Pretty soon he will need a haircut, but lets not get into the conversation! (One milestone at a time please!!)

While Ben was in Montana this past weekend Beau, Ace, and I stayed at my mom and dads house. When we first got there mom put Beau in his walker so the dogs(4) wouldn't be all over him. (Her 2 dogs and Griffy, Krysti and Chris's dog, get real excited when Ace comes over to play.) Beau loves dogs and really wanted to get Griffy. Griffy proceeded to run into the laundry room to hos food and of course Beau followed. In his struggle to play with Griffy he pinned himin his cage. It was really funny in the moment and my dad caught this picture.