Friday, December 19, 2008

Visit with Santa

We took Beau to see Santa Wednesday night. He was great! He sat there and smiled for the camera. It will be neat to compare pictures with his next years Santa Picture.

He dosn't really look that little on Santa's lap does he??

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Left Handed???

Last night we are eating dinner and Beau is in the high chair between us. Ben has been noticing that Beau uses his Left hand a lot. I have been speculative because Ben desperately wants him to be a left handed pitcher and batter; more money in it and a greater chance to play ball in college, or so he says...

Anyway, after Beau is done eating we will give him his spoon to play with in his chair. ( I am careful to make sure he doesn't hurt himself with it) It is so cute because Beau will grab the spoon on the correct end and put it in his mouth correctly. I am thinking this is good for his dexterity and to practice feeding himself one day.

Ben notices that he only grabs the spoon with his left hand!!! BEN: SEE I TOLD YOU HE WAS GOING TO BE LEFT HANDED and I am like OK lets test it. So we grab it from him and set it down, grabs with left hand, we move the spoon closer to his right hand, reaches over and grabs with left hand, we put it out of reach on his right side and he stretches with his LEFT HAND.

So I guess my son really is left handed. We will continue to test the theory. I just thought it was funny and worth sharing. It is funny Ben and I are both right handed and the only person that is left handed in either of our families is my dad. He will be so proud!!

Monday, December 8, 2008


I love the holiday season!! I just finished creating my Christmas cards, LATE I know; but better late than never I say!! It seems like that has been the theme of the last 5 months. It is amazing how much a child can change you life.

This is our Christmas card picture. There is this one red ordiment on our tree that he just stares at. It is so funny. He grabs the limbs and pulls kinda hard I am afraid he might knock an ordiment or 2 off the tree. I guess that is a vision into the future.

He is growing up so quickly he is no longer acts an infant, he has grown into a baby boy and soon will be a toodler. I am afriad he will be standing sooner than we are expecting. He loves to stand and play. This weekend we visted the Alday family and it was so fun to see Beau interact with Callie and Hayes. I can't wait for him to be able to run around and play.

Extra random pictures: These are too cute not to post. Beau is really starting to enjoy his high chair. A whole new element has been added to dinner time.

Friday, December 5, 2008


For Thanksgiving Ben, Beau, and I went to Ben's Granny's house in Milton, FL. We really enjoyed our visit. I always look forward to visitng Ben's family. It is a time of relaxation, good food, and family; some of my favorite things in life.

Granny put Beau in the laundry basket. She said "back in the day" that is what you did with babies. They can sit up and play and their toys
are never out of reach. It is a great idea!!

Beau loved the laundry basket! He watched Daddy mow all the leaves up for his Great Granny.

Then Daddy let him sit on the mower.
Already wanting to drive. OH NO!!

Have you ever seen Ben smile like this for a pict??? I have noticed the "anti-picture smiler" is now smiling for pictures when he is holding his son; without being promrted mind you. UREKA!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Dedication Day

November 23 was Beau's baby dedication at our church. I was so excited to have him dedicated. At Calvary it is more of a dedication of the family to raise our son with Christian values and teach him to walk with Christ. This is the greatest calling of all parents and Ben and I are so excited about our journey as parents.

Beau did great!! The pastor held him and he just looked out at everyone. It was so cute, some babies get upset but not my happy baby. I don't have any pictures but I do have a video. I will have to see if I can post it.