Friday, January 28, 2011

We're back!

 We have been sick- thank goodness we are better now.  Beau and I had the flu for a few days and somehow Avery and Ben were able to avoid the sickness!

 Avery is 6 months old now- shocking I know.  She can sit up on her own now and love to sit in her high chair!  Her favorite thing to do it sit up and watch her brother.  She is so entertained by him and when he notices she's watching he kicks it up a couple notches for her.

She is teething, so she has been chewing on everything!!  It makes for cute pictures.  Daddy is going to have her hunting ducks in a few years!

Her baby blue eyes are still as clear as a Spring Day.
She loves to watch her brother do silly stuff, it is so sweet to see them laughing together.
She would hold the drill and he would hold the button so it would spin and make noises and they would both laugh at the other laughing.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Boat Ride!

 This past weekend we went to Pensacola for a visit with Granny.  Sunday we had a wonderful lunch at Hall's, fried Shrimp our favorite!!  After filling our tummy's we went to Ben's Aunt Eilene's shop for a visit. 
 Captain Gene announced we were going to get a Boat RIDE.... YAY!!  So we bundled up and headed out to the dock.  Beau was so excited, this boat is huge, like 50+ feet! 
 Ben put Beau up on the front (bow...) of the boat which is like 5 feet from the deck with is like 8 feet off the water.  Needless to say I would have been a little intimidated.  Beau looked around for a second and then decided he was done.

But you can see he wasn't upset about being that high just ready to get down.  It looks like boating is in his future. 

I have already planned for us to go on a longer ride this summer, maybe we can ride along one day when they take out a dive charter- when it is warmer.  I can't wait!
Beau wanted Avery to ride his truck- so sweet.  He said "I sharing mommy"  What a good boy!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bath Time

 Avery is working so hard on sitting up.  She can sit supported by pillows now.  The other day I was buying her baby food; the Gerber foods are separated by age groups, infant, support sitter, crawler, toddler, ect; it is hard to believe my baby girl is now in the support sitter category!!  Time sure flies.
 Beau and Avery enjoyed their first bath together last night.  Ben was feeling a little lazy like Avery and Beau were able to bathe together.  So we went for it....
 Beau was so excited his little sister was in the bath with him, he tried to share his toys with her, wanted to splash, and even showed her his foam numbers and the number sandwich he makes almost every night.  Avery loved it- Mom on the other hand was a little stressed, our tub is slippery.

It is hard to believe Avery Kate is big enough to be in the "big tub".