Thursday, June 18, 2009


A normal dinner time!

Big surprise... but Beau loves to eat (runs in the family I think... HA HA). Last night we had some amazing apricot glazed chicken, squash casserole, and eggplant dressing. Beau loves eggplant dressing (a Louisiana tradition) and squash casserole. Beau was cramming the food in his mouth so fast he got it all over himself. He would actually pick a wad of food up in his hand and proceed to place it in his mouth, however the wad was often to big to fit all at once so we would follow up by placing his whole hand over his mouth so that the entire handful fit. It was hilarious.

He made such a mess I had to capture the moments.

Notice the squash in this nose...

And in the hair...

UGH I got it between my fingers!

Get this off!

I love squash!

The clean up crew. Ace has actually been a blessing during dinner time. I never have to clean food of the floor!

You can tell beau is done eating when he starts to play in his food.

What.... I didn't throw my cup on the floor... that was Ace.

Monday, June 15, 2009

1st Haircut!

At 11 months, Beau was starting to look like a little dust mop!! Ben and I decided it was time for the 1st haircut. Beau was beginning to need a clip to hold the hair out of his eyes. Ben decided we better get a hair cut before mommy put a hair pin in his hair.

So the haircut began...

We gave Beau some yogurt snacks to eat as a distraction. It seemed to work.

But then he started noticing a clipping sound, and that someone was tugging lightly on his hair.

What is this clipping sound???

Before we knew it the hair cut was over and Beau has a cute new style!

Beau and Da Da, so cute!!

As soon as Uncle Guy saw Beau on Sunday he said, wow he looks like a little German!! I was like you know what he does!! Just more of Ben's Family traits showing through!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

1st Project

Although this dress isn't all that flattering it is my first project and I am proud of it! Now I have so many things I want to make: a sewing machine cover, an apron, pillowcase dresses, and the list goes on. I just wanted to post so everyone can see my progress.