Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pirate Party~

 We had the best birthday party this year! We had a pirate party complete with costumes and swords, pirate fingers and barnacles!

 Granny's Carmel Corn~ it was a huge hit.  I will have to post the recipe tomorrow.

 Ben made this pirate ship out of a refrigerator box and a range box. He did an amazing job and the kids loved it!  We played hunt for buried treasure in the sand box and cannonball throw with water balloons.
 A wonderful friend of mine came over to help me decorate the cake.  I found a picture and instructions online. It was actually pretty easy and with Nashenna's help I think it turned out PERFECT!  It was mighty tasty as well.
 Avery wasn't sure about blowing out the candles but Beau had it down!

 This was out first party at our new home and it was wonderful, there was even a nice breeze!