Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It's been a while....

since I have posted anything.  Not because we haven't had much to post about but because I haven't been taking any pictures....  matter of fact- I don't even really know where the camera is right now. But Avery has done some funny stuff lately that I have to share!

*The other day she was walking with one of Beau's cars in her hand and fell and the car must have pinched her hand in trying to catch herself.  So she was crying and Ben picked her up to comfort her.  We were getting ready to eat dinner and there were tater tots on the stove.  As soon as Avery spotted the tots she quickly shut off the crying and was reaching for the tots.

*Last night we put the kids in a for a quick bath.  I grabbed Beau out of the bath and handed him to Ben and then turned back to get Avery.  In the meantime Avery decided to climb out of the tub but instead slid right out like a slippery fish  onto the floor.  She wasn't hurt but was a little upset- but boy was it funny!! 

Avery is really growing up!  She is climbing up onto everything and saying uhho-  Her hair is really growing and most days she is sporting pigtails!