Tuesday, April 26, 2011


 Avery loved Easter Eggs!!  I put jellybeans in them and she loved shaking the eggs as well as eating the jellybeans.

 I have family pictures- they are on my home computer and we are having internet issues at the moment.  I made us all matching outfits for Easter and we were super cute!! I will post the pictures as soon as I am able!  I am sure these cute pictures of Avery will suffice.  

NOTE: there are none of Beau and his Easter basket b/c I was in the shower when he woke and daddy was not doing what he was supposed too manning the camera.   

 Ben spotted this in our yard on Easter, so Beau and I went to get a closer look.  Beau was so excited- Mommy I see his FACE!! 
 Ben and I worked in the yard on Saturday, I have been wanting to redo our flower beds in the front.  This past winter everything looked dead (see picture below from Feb) we had no evergreen plants.  So my parents helped me reshape the beds and I planted all new plants in the front.  It looks much better!!
 Beau was telling me to not go bother the turtle- he was going in to get his gun. Beau spent the day shirtless- he was wearing a white linen shirt and after a while it was damage control time and I decided to just take it off.
Going inside to get his gun...  he is his fathers son!

We had a wonderful Easter and really enjoyed entertaining our family and friends.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Crawling 2

Avery's crawling has improved so much just over the weekend.  She is on the move all over the place- following her brother the best she can!!  These two are so funny!

Friday, April 15, 2011



 Sweet thing, she has learned to crawl out of desperation to get to whoever she wants!  Yesterday when I picked her up from playschool she saw me, fussed, and crawled her way toward me.  

Our little girl is growing up!  It is hard to believe...

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Beach

We had a wonderful weekend!  Saturday morning I ran my first 10K (6.2 miles) in an hour and 18 minutes.  I was in the back of the pack but in my book I had done well!

After the race we headed to Bald Point Beach and had a wonderful time. 

 This was Avery's first trip and Beau's first memorable trip- he was so excited!  He played in the sand, looked for crabs and shells, but mostly enjoyed his freedom- walking wherever he wanted in a new place.

 Avery had a wonderful time to, she really enjoyed the sun- we didn't even need to put up the tent. Just lots of sunscreen and her hat!  She got into mine and Ben's lunch, a cold chicken pasta salad with zucchini, corn, and cherry tomatoes.  (See the tomato seeds)

 At one point she grabbed a cube of zucchini and quickly put it in her mouth (much to big for her to chew) I let her gum it for a second but then took it out- she wasn't too happy about that! ( I cute it in pieces and she was able to enjoy it)

 This girl loves to eat!

 Then everyone played in the sand.

I didn't get any pictures but Avery ate handfuls of sand!  She would reach down grab a handful and pop it in her mouth just like it was a snack!  YUCK, she just kept going like it tasted wonderful- so she and I went back to the blanket to play.

Beau had a wonderful time with his new dump truck- Thanks Erin & Brad!

Sunday after a wonderful nap time (mommy had a few hours to herself- even daddy slept) Ben and beau mowed the yard.
Avery and Beau love this sandbox, they play in it all the time- thanks Poppie for building it!

Saturday was so relaxing and Sunday was so productive. I was able to cut out my Easter dress ( I am making us matching outfits), read, made a great dinner with lots of veggies for Ben as well as dinner for Monday night!  I hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend too!