Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I am excited to say we have accomplished a lot in a short amount of time. The last time you saw the nursery it was clear of furniture but very cluttered with junk!!

We have moved all the junk out and have painted the walls!! I love the colors I picked. The white almost perfectly matches the ceiling color and the pink is perfect, bright but perfect!!
These pictures was taken with my phone, in person the pink is a deeper raspberry than it shows here.

Her crib sheets are draped over the crib in this picture and although the pink is not accurate you can see that the wall color perfectly matches the color in the bedding. I also am searching for a white shag run to go in front of the crib.... this one I purchased at Target but will be returning. It is too small (24 inch round). The room has hardwood floors, and echos so a large rug is a must!! Ben is worried about her waking Beau in the next room when she cries. Hopefully when I fill up the room it will help to drown the sound.
This is the beautiful iron crib we have been so thankful to BORROW from some friends!! The picture really doesn't do it justice. Ben assembled it to this point this past weekend- however we were missing some pieces. Finding the missing pieces was a stressful fiasco for a day- but everything is on order and was surprisingly inexpensive!! I received wonderful customer service from Child Craft Industries. If you are in the market for a crib I would DEFINANTLY recommend this company!! So within 3 weeks or so we will have the crib fully assembled and decorated. Pictures to follow!!

For now I (and mom) have to:

Paint a small side table.
Paint the armorer (green- wait till you see that post!!).
Find a 48' round white shag rug for under $100.
Sew a slip cover for my comfy chair.
Sew and install a curtain for beneath her changer.
Find a way to create storage in this room with no closet! (still the least of my worries)

My mom will be quilting a blanket to match the bedding- and hopefully teaching me to quilt at the same time and my sister Krysti will be creating some art for the room... (she dosn't know that yet...)

Stay tuned for our newest nursery projects!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Baby Girl Nursery

I wanted to take some before and after pictures of the new "nursery". I wish I had done this with Beau's room- but oh well, that was before I was documenting our lives. So here it is the nursery.....

Yes those are fishing rods, golf shoes and a disassembled baby gate. The new "nursery" has served as out catch all room for 2 years. (if anyone would like that golf photo, let me know we have 2. otherwise they will be going to Ben's office)

At least now it is empty of furniture, there was an office desk and chair that I used for crafting and Ben's old futon. These 2 walls you are looking at will be a raspberry pink in a few weeks ( the other 2 walls will be white for balance).

Boy, do we have some work to do...

This is the built in desk in the room. When I drew our house plan this was actually a closet, but since there is no egress (window to the outside) in this room we could not have it labeled as a bedroom per the building code. (it's a fire hazard) This desk will be her changing table and I am planning on using the shelving for decorations and storage. I am also going to make a curtain to hang below the desk area and hang a rod for dresses and hang up clothes. I may have to invest in some type of storage system. We will see...

I know what you are thinking.... yes there will be no closet in my baby girl's room I am aware that this may cause issues in the coming years. I am thinking we will address that issue when we get there.... (there is another bedroom that now serves as the guest bedroom) until then we will use a small amore' I already have and will be painting it the green accent color you will see below.

This is the baby bedding which is my inspiration for the room; it is a raspberry damask and white pattern with soft green accents. I already had the lamp in the picture and found these perfectly matching shades at Target. On the right you see the bed skirt and 2 sheets and on the left of the lamp is the bumper pad. The crib we are using is a beautiful white iron crib. I also found the white shag rug at Target- however is is a 36 inch round and I think I am going to need a 48 inch round. I have planned to place in front of the crib and I want it to cover more of the hard floors. (If you find a 48 inch round white shag rug anywhere call me asap)

Bumper Pad

Lamp Shades- I bought the 2 colors because they are both perfect and were on sale for $7. I have an amazing side table that my mom bought at an auction to sell in her shop in Thomasville. She paid $5 for the table and repainted it yellow (which will not match) I think we will be repainting it black. My grandmother (mom's mom) said that every room needs a little touch of black and I am a firm believer in that theory. It seems to ground the room. Anyway, this lamp will sit on a black side table in a few weeks so I am leaning toward the pink shade however I want to make sure the green accent color isn't lost in the room. So I am torn- any input would be greatly appreciated.

Crib skirt and 2 matching sheets

Every nursery must have a great chair. Thankfully we have one!! I used it for Beau and it was given to us by Tim and Loretta!! The only problem is it is plaid-green and orange plaid no less. Although I love the chair, that color would just ruin the beauty of the room I have planned...
SO I will be recovering it!!!
Yes, you read that correctly. Well, not really recovering it just sewing a slipcover for it. I have been working on my sewing skills and found a tutorial on how to sew a simple slip cover. I am planning on useing a think white fabric (so it can be bleached as necessary and it will match the room). I will document my process, this should be interesting....

And so the decorating continues....

Monday, March 1, 2010

It's a Girl!

Ben and I are so excited to announce our addition that's due to arrive the end of July will be a baby GIRL!

We are very excited to have a boy and a girl. As much as I loved preparing for a baby boy, I am excited to welcome pink into our home. I already have some wonderful ideas for the new nursery and I will share pictures and we begin the decorating process. Maybe I will even be able to capture Ben with some pink paint on him....

I have been thinking this baby would be a girl- honestly I would have been happier either way but with this pregnancy everything seemed different. My hair and complexion isn't as pretty as it was with Beau, this baby seems to be carrying higher, I feel like I am gaining all over evenly and with Beau my belly popped out for miles (it seemed that way anyway). I think Ben was secretly hoping it was a girl... I am sure he is already looking forward to taking his baby girl on her first turkey hunt. However in the moment with he huge smile he said, " I feel poorer already!!" HA HA :)

We are so excited to welcome our baby girl!