Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Beau Turn's 2!!

Beau turned 2 July 3rd, he is such a big boy!! We celebrated his birthday on the 4th with our families but on the 3rd Beau and I did enjoy a Cake Shop cupcake!! Nothing better!!

Beau got lots of wonderful gifts

This fashionable camo hat...

He is modeling already....

Some Winchester ear muffs, Beau LOVES to ride the tractor (lawn mower) with daddy, now he has his very own hearing protection, which he loves by the way!! You wouldn't think that a 2 year old would like something over his ears, but he has watched daddy so much he knows that everyone wears ear muffs.

Beau was having so much fun at his party he decided he wanted to work a little on mommys flower bed and spray some round up (it was empty but he sees daddy do this alot- especially since I haven't been able to pull weeds since early spring).

He was walking around the whole time going... ssssss.... sssss... and shaking the handle just like daddy.

Beau also got this Massey Ferguson tractor for his birthday with a trailer, he loves this pedal tractor and is able to carry his tools with him (notice the sprayer in the back).

My blood pressure has stabilized since my last post and was never high after that one high reading!! So I have avoided induction (for now), everything is going perfectly and I will be 39 weeks this Sunday the 18th. Avery's due date isn't untill July 25th but I am hoping to meet her this weekend. I will keep you all updated!!

This Friday the 17th will be my first day of maternity leave so you will find me in or around the house for the next 12 weeks or so. As soon as Avery arrives I will be sure to post pictures!!