Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Opening Day

This past weekend was opening day of turkey season and Ben and I were out hunting early.  He is going to let me shoot a turkey and opening day I had a wonderful opportunity, BUT I MISSED!

To my defense I was shooting Ben's 12-gauge which is very big and extra long and always seems to shoot high for me (it is hard for me to hold). As I waited for this big turkey to step out from behind the palmetto I lined up my shot well but forgot to aim for his neck and shot at his head  :), so I shot right over his head and missed him.

Oh well- I guess I will have a few more weeks of turkey hunting!

Monday, March 14, 2011

We had a wonderful weekend,Friday Ben's boss gave him some tickets to the FSU baseball game!  So we found a sitter and Ben, Beau and I headed out to the game.  We had a wonderful time.  Beau was the entertainment of everyone around, she started cheering (yelling Go Gators at the FSU game...), he was yelling at the ref, and calling the game "foul ball'. 

Saturday morning we headed out to the the Red Hills Horse Trials.  This is an Olympic class event that happens every Spring in Tallahassee.  There is Dressage, Cross Country and Event Jumping; we attended the Cross Country Jumping on Saturday morning and had a wonderful time.  This my first attendance- silly I know, being a horse lover I had never been!!  I would highly recommend it.  You can get very close to the jumps and horses.  The horses were AMAZING!!  The kids loved it and we all enjoyed the time outdoors. It was beautiful!  ( I forgot the memory card for my camera and got no pictures, bummer.)
Sunday afternoon after naps we loaded up and headed to the hunting club.  Beau requested a picture with his glasses.

Beau loved fishing, Ben would catch the fish and let Beau reel them up, several got off but we caught 3 brim. 

Check out the smile!

The official Cork watcher.
Avery played with some toys while we fished, but she also watched some fishing herself and was very focused and much quieter than Beau. We may have a future fisherwoman on our hands!

Check out those teeth!!  Pour girl, she has had a very runny nose- the pollen is so bad here.

There is that huge smile again, Beau did this every time he pulled up a fish.

Beautiful Profile!

After fishing we rode around to look at some wildlife.  We busted a large covey of wild quail.  A few years ago there were no quail on the property but after a few quail hunts it seems that the stray quail have regenerated themselves!! We also so 3 wild turkeys which was very exciting.  Turkey season opens next Saturday.  We already have the kids staying at my moms and we will be heading out to chase the turkeys next Saturday!

Bodreaux ran around following the truck and Ben and Beau walked him down to the creek for a drink.  This will be our swimming hole in a few months when it gets a little warmer.

This is Avery's normal stance these days, she wants to crawl so badly but at 16lbs I am not sure she is quite ready to move that chunky body around.  Give her a month and I am sure she will be mobile!

Beau drove us back to the gate, it was a dukes of hazzard experience, he rarely watches the road when he drives and Ben tends to let him steer until we are about to hit something and re-corrects.

Avery road in Beau's in carseat and really enjoyed it- it will be a while before she can face forward, but she enjoyed riding at the hunting club.

With a cool breeze and Beau's bumpy driving she was asleep in no time, still chewing on her toy!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Erin's Wedding

A good friend of mine Randi Erin was married this weekend and Beau and I were honored to be in her wedding party.  Beau was the ring bearer and I was a bridesmaid.  Beau was precious!

He was actually pretty excited about the wedding and had a lot of fun with Catlin the flower girl.  Beau has been talking about walking down the isle with Catlin for a few days now.  I think he really enjoyed the experience.
Beau did a great job walking down the isle, he walked down (without the flower girl at one point) shaking the ring pillow the whole time.  (It was a good thing that the rings were not actually on the pillow)  Ben was videoing the wedding and was set up behind the officiant and beau walked right to him and then joined me later in the ceremony.

Then Chris (groomsman), Beau and I all walked out together.  Beau was so cute- this is one proud mommy in this picture.

We had a wonderful time at the wedding, Erin was the most beautiful Bride I have ever seen!  Thank you so much for including us!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

All Things New at the Rush Home!

 A few Saturdays ago Beau and Avery enjoyed a morning of playing and reading books in Beaus room.  Avery loves to sit and play in Beau's room.  She is old enough now that I feel like I can take my eyes off of her for a few minutes at a time. 

 She and Beau played for about and hour!!

Avery already loves reading just like her brother!

Ben got the new lawn tractor he has been dreaming about for his birthday yesterday (belated)!!
The tractor he had was an old Murry mower we purchased with our first house. It was small and never cut the grass well, not to mention it took him about 3 hours to mow our acre lot.

Beau was in awe with the new machine!  Ben picked him up from school early to get it and Beau was speechless!

The proud owner of a new John Deere.

( I think the person who will be most excited it our neighbor who keeps an impeccable yard and gives Ben "looks" when he overhears him cursing his old mower...)

UPDATE:  Avery has 2 new teeth!
She was fussy and clingy all weekend- we were just thinking she was getting spoiled.... and discovered 2 new teeth yesterday evening.
I had to get a picture of the new teeth- we took pictures of Beau's first teeth...  Avery had other ideas.  We practically had to wrestle the girl to get pictures!
Poor Thing!